A to Z - Your Gut is Where it All Begins. Start with Activia Probiotic Yogurt

We are excited to announce Activia’s new, fresh ad campaign

“Your Gut is Where it All Begins, Start with Activia” boosts awareness around how connected the gut is to overall well-being

We are launching the campaign to continue building upon our evolution as a modern gut health innovator. The campaign speaks directly about the importance of your gut, and highlights all the ways it can affect how we feel, physically and emotionally. From feeling Active to Zealous, the new spots reminds that “your gut is where it all begins.”

As part of the campaign, we are also re-launching the “Gut Health Challenge” initiative, designed to invite everyone into the family by encouraging them to try Activia twice a day for two weeks.

We’re sharing inspirational daily tips on Instagram & Facebook to help people support their gut health. Check back in for more, and check out our campaign by clicking play above! 💪💚

#YourGutIsWhereItAllBegins #StartWithActivia

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Activia® may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive discomfort. Consume twice a day for two weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Minor digestive discomfort includes bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort & rumbling.

**Based on a 2023 national weighted survey of 300 doctors (Primary Care, OBGYN, Gastroenterologists)

***Activia+ has at least 10% Daily Value more Vitamin C, D, and Zinc per serving than regular Activia Dailies. Activia+: 18 mg Vitamin C (20% DV), 4 mcg Vitamin D (20% DV), 2.2 mg Zinc (20% DV).