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Four women who overcame their inner critic.

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Four Women’s Journeys
to Being Their Best Selves

At Activia, we’re honored to partner with women who have turned their inner critic into a force for good. The four brave women below shared their stories of struggle and strength, and inspired us along the way.

Reshma Saujani

Founder of Girls Who Code, mom, work-in-progress

After running for congress in 2010 and losing, Reshma Saujani’s inner critic was relentless. Not knowing what she would do next, Reshma prioritized self-care. Through true mind, body balance, she silenced the internal noise and found her true calling.

Irma Martinez

Celebrity stylist, wife, still learning

When Irma Martinez was laid off from her first styling job, she began questioning whether she would ever be successful in the industry she loved so much. But that didn’t slow her down for long. Maintaining a healthy routine helped her stay positive and focused on her goals, giving her the push she needed to persevere.

Stephanie Izard

Winner of Top Chef, restaurant owner, imperfect perfectionist

By 29, Stephanie Izard was an award-winning chef, but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Over the years, she’s faced pressure and criticism at every turn. By putting her self-care first, she blocks out negativity and focuses on being her best self.

Randi Zuckerberg

Entrepreneur, mother, successfully flawed

After spending a decade working in tech, Randi Zuckerberg knew it was time to make a change. Growing up, she always wanted to be a singer, so when she got the call to play a lead role in a Broadway play, she couldn’t pass it up. Through practice and perseverance, she’s built a career that encompasses both her love for tech and passion for the arts.

*Live InSync = Être en phase